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Learning. Teaching. Inspiring.

A State-of-the-art Facility in Lake Wylie, SC that was Designed with Kids in Mind and at Heart

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path”
Psalms 119:105

Age Appropriate Learning and Play


The Littlest Feet Make the Biggest Footprint on Our Hearts

At Creative Kids, our infant program is a little community designed to nurture young babies while fostering their quickly changing physical development.

We provide a loving, safe, and secure environment where our focus is to build a basic trust between our infants and adults. Teachers accomplish this by responding to their needs, both physical and emotional.

We provide high-quality materials that are well maintained and arranged for the babies to have greater opportunities to explore their world safely, using their senses and learning naturally through their experiences.

Our infant community includes a curriculum developed specifically for this age utilizing FUNSHINE EXPRESS*. The first few months of a child’s life are crucial to their long-term development. The staff of Creative Kids spends each day opening new worlds of discovery for them in this creative class, full of happy language, music, and sensory stimulation.

*Funshine Express is an early childhood program in line with South Carolina standards. It is child-focused and uses a carefully designed process of learning through discovery. We understand that long-term trusting relationships with our caregivers anchor learning and development.

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Let Them Be Little – A Time To Explore and Learn Through Play

The toddler years are the busiest with their new found love for climbing, jumping, running, and exploring everything around them! We offer age-appropriate activities, daily interactions, and play times that create learning naturally. Their day is structured around learning through play and routines that create a sense of security.

Our Toddler Program “ButterCups” is very well planned and aligns with the South Carolina State Standards for Early Care and Education. It is a hands-on interactive program where each child gains the confidence to discover and experience new things daily.

Toddlers make significant progress when they do things by themselves. This is how they learn independence and feel confident in their abilities. We give them the opportunities to grow and develop to their fullest potential. We strive to provide the best age-appropriate materials because safety is always at heart when caring for busy one-year-olds.

Toddlers will enjoy enrichment classes and new things every day: gym play, outdoor play, buggy rides, art class, Chapel, Tumble Bus, and more. Days are filled with music, fun, and dance! Get ready, toddlers…here we go!

*Ask about the Funshine Express Program or visit their website at

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The Wonder of Twos

At Creative Kids, we create an environment with planned activities so our young two-year-old learners are engaged in their daily program, learning naturally about math, science, art, reading, music, movement, and language.

Each classroom is designed with activity centers for self-guided play among their friends in small groups. Each day begins with a large group circle time around the rug where they sing songs, do finger plays, and enjoy greeting their friends.

Throughout their day, they experience meaningful play. We provide them with creative materials, well maintained and arranged furniture that is suited for Twos. This is also the potty training year, and we help our little ones through this important milestone with encouragement and understanding.

Our Twos Program uses the “Funshine Express Curriculum Program*” which is aligned with the South Carolina State Standards for Early Care and Education and is designed specifically to foster development at this highly active age. Outdoor play, enrichment classes in art and science, Chapel, and gym time are some of their favorite activities.

*Find out more about the Funshine Express Program! Ask for a preview and see how it works in the classroom each day, or visit their website at

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It Takes a Big Heart to Shape Little Minds

Why is the sky blue? Why do birds have feathers? Questions, questions, and more questions, and delightfully so! Asking questions is a normal developmental milestone and we know that these questions can become teachable moments.

These moments are captured each day between teachers and children through our play-based activity centers and teacher-directed curriculum. Our classrooms are designed for large group circle times as well as small group area play, plus enrichment class rotations in art, theater, library, and science.

Creative Kids offers Threes children the “FireFlies Funshine Express Curriculum Program” blended with some of the core elements of foundational reading in phonics and Bible time. The Funshine FireFlies is a program for Threes that is aligned with the South Carolina State Standards of Early Care and Education and provides so many fun themes and learning activities that are foundational to reading and math – arts and science.

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Fours Pre-K

What We Learn with Pleasure, We Never Forget

The four-year-old is a dynamo of energy and drive, emerging from the Threes into the Fours with imaginative ideas that spring from their little minds! Our creative approach to Fours will help your child build a secure foundation in kindergarten through the daily classroom activities planned by well-qualified and loving teachers. The classroom is designed with many area learning centers to facilitate small group play-based interaction with friends. Each morning there is a large group circle time around the Promethean boards while they learn new concepts in math and reading.

The Abeka curriculum is used in our K-4 program. It provides phonics-based literacy to encourage reading while building a strong foundation and love of reading. Math and Science are part of their daily routines. Spanish, art, gym time, music, theater, and Chapel help each student while learning naturally about the world around them. We want methods and materials that work. That’s what we have found with Abeka: a comprehensive, quality curriculum and materials written from a Christian perspective. Please visit for a full look at the curriculum. Our Pre-K Fours Program utilizes the Abeka curriculum and supporting center with learning activities and hands-on interaction as they grow with the program. Abeka has, for more than forty years, provided quality preschool materials for Christian programs. We want methods and materials that work. That’s what we have found with Abeka: a comprehensive, quality curriculum and materials written from a Christian perspective. The Phonics based Abeka is the key to reading. Young students learn the short sounds on the vowels and then how to blend these sounds with a consonant. In a short time, students can read hundreds of words, giving students a sense of accomplishment from the beginning. Once they have mastered simple words, they learn more sounds and longer words. Abeka also builds a strong foundation in Math, Science, and Art. Creative Kids provides a wide variety of enrichment programs to enhance the experience of three and four-year students.

Our four-year students wear a cap and gown at the annual Grand Celebration for families to attend and enjoy! They love singing songs and reciting their poems for us, as well as showing off how they can read and speak Spanish! The Grand Celebration is a highlight of Creative Kids!

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After School

Where After School and Enrichment Come Together

Creative Kids has spent many years in the work of “After School.” Our experience since 1997 has been critical to the development of our facility in Lake Wylie. We offer a large designated “gym” like space where the students are engaged each afternoon in a safe, fun, exciting place that they love and look forward to each day.

Our students are happily transported safely from all of the Clover School District schools to our center on our buses. They are greeted by staff who check them into the center ensuring their safe arrival. We have safety protocols in place and child tracking policies that assist our staff through the daily check in times from the bus.

We offer a fun after school experience for each and every child in our care! We also offer School Days Off during the school year when local schools have teacher work days. Sign up today!

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Summer Camp

Ready Set Go! Summer Camp!

Creative Kids has been providing Summer Camps for more than 30 years to kids ages 4-13! Even our youngest children enjoy a wonderful fun-filled summer camp each year! Along with our regular Summer Camp for kids ages 5-13, our Lake Wylie location offers JUNIOR SUMMER CAMP for children younger than K-5. Summers Are just plain fun with our weekly themes and implemented activities. Contact us for more information!

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